Cam Newton Challenges Fellow ‘Madden ’15’ Cover Finalist Richard Sherman to a Heads-Up Match (Video)

Cam Newton

Cam Newton, a well-documented Madden fanatic (check out his Twitter feed) and Madden ’15 cover finalist, has taken to social media to issue a challenge to fellow cover finalist Richard Sherman. Gee, I wonder if there would be much trash-talking during that game.

As insufferable as he would be if he won, I’m thinking that Richard Sherman explaining 571 different reasons, none of which were his fault, as to why he lost would be like the ninth circle of hell.

Here’s the video. Careful what you wish for, Cam:

Oh, and if you call 1-888-CAM-PAIN, you get some cruise hotline or something. I’m not sure what to make of it, but maybe Cam Newton could just give Richard Sherman a call or something (I’m sure their agents or publicists know each other), and they could have a friendly game behind closed doors so that we don’t need to hear Richard Sherman ramble on about one more thing.


Hat Tip – [SB Nation]



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