Chris Paul Calls His Autographed Kelly Kapowski Photo ‘One of the Best Bday Gifts Ever’ (Photo)

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Chris Paul has gotten some pretty nice birthday gifts after 29 years on this earth, and about nine as an all-star caliber NBA player.  But apparently, none are better than this one.

The Clipper took to Instagram to show off this photo of Saved by the Bell’s Kelly Kapowski, signed by Dustin Diamond—better known as Screech on the show…

Just kidding. It was signed by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, who, at least according to her signature, has continued the decade-old charade of dropping the “Amber” from her name.

Here’s the photo in all its glory:

Nice. Slater is gonna be pissed about this, but that’s his cross to bear, not ours.

If this is just a marketing ploy to make Chris Paul seem like the everyman and endear himself to millions of 1990’s adolescents – it worked.

We feel the pain of your unrequited love, Mr. Chris Paul.  Hopefully, the millions of dollars, professional success, and fame you’ve gotten from your NBA career will help you cope.


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