Comedian Simon Brodkin Stopped by Police From Boarding England Soccer Squad’s Plane

Simon Brodkin Tries To Get On English Team Plane

Simon Brodkin isn’t a huge name in the United States but he’s well known in the United Kingdom, and a recent stunt involving the English soccer team will probably raise his profile all over.

He was in character as “Jason Bent,” a made-up Premier League footballer he sometimes portrays on TV, when he almost got on board the real English national team’s plane.

The team was headed for Miami, where they’re scheduled to play two warm-up matches before the World Cup in Brazil, and they didn’t seem to know how to react to Brodkin’s stunt. It wasn’t the first time he pulled something like this as Bent, either.  Last year he was actually arrested for pitch encroachment after he attempted to warm up with the Manchester City team.

The Jason Bent stunt by Simon Brodkin resulted in at least one hilarious image, showing Brodkin/Bent holding out his passport and getting barricaded from the plane by the police. It was posted on Bent’s Twitter account here, and you can see it up at the top.

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