Dan Le Batard Destroys the Pacers in Hilarious 10-Minute Rant (Video)

heat celebrate return to finals

Like most sports fans, seeing the Miami Heat win makes me want to punch kittens. That being said, I don’t begrudge the 20 or 30 real Heat fans out there for celebrating. After all, contrary to popular belief, some of those real Heat fans (i.e., the ones who date back to the pre-LeBron days) aren’t just decent. They’re awesome.

Take Miami Heat Grandma, for example. What kind of heartless bastard doesn’t like Miami Heat Grandma?

Then there’s Dan Le Batard. I’m sure some people hate him, because that’s what sports talk radio and television is really about—inspiring hatred. But I like him. Not only did he sell his ballot for the baseball Hall of Fame to Deadspin, but every year when the Heat win he goes on an epic rant trashing whoever the Heat just vanquished, and it is glorious.

This year’s rant is no exception. Le Batard goes on for 10 minutes, tearing the Pacers (and the entire State of Indiana) a new one.

Have a listen:

I certainly hope the Heat don’t win their third championship in a row this year. But if they do, at least we’ll have another funny Dan Le Batard rant to listen to.


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