New York Mets Break Cheesesteak Record in Citizens Bank Visitors Clubhouse

Cheesesteak (Photo by @Andy_Walsh14)

The New York Mets strode into Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia and took home the team cheesesteak eating record. It happened during a rainout at the end of April but I guess it takes some time for the ink to dry on important matters like cheesesteak records.

The entire Mets bullpen consumed a total of 103 sandwiches that day, which comes to a little over two sandwiches per player. Not everybody was able to eat that much, though, and players like Dave Racaniello and Eric Langill (who have some pretty impressive individual cheesesteak stats of their own) had to pick up the slack.

The team’s showing shattered the previous record “that stood somewhere in the 80s” according to the report here. There you can also get a complete rundown on the cheesesteak eating rules and regulations, and how the Mets managed to beat the old record.

I guess it beats batting practice.



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