Watch Nick Young Just Say No To Drugs from Bad Influence Brandon Jennings (Video)

brandon jennings offers molly to nick young swaggy p

Here’s a pro tip for all you social media enthusiasts out there: don’t post videos of your friends doing drugs. Especially if your friends get payed millions of dollars to play sports for organizations that frown on doing drugs.

This pro tip is brought to you courtesy of The Game. He was partying at a club recently with Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings and Lakers shooting guard Nick Young, better know to some as Swaggy P. And, during the course of said partying, he filmed a shirtless Jennings offering Swaggy P a little white pill.

The internet believes quite firmly that this pill was Molly, the club drug that all the cool rappers and hard-living pro athletes are taking. In the video, Young appears to decline Jennings’ offer, which was wise.

You see, the problem with Molly is that nobody ever really knows what’s in it. Pedlars say it’s “pure MDMA,” which is the stuff in ecstasy, but in fact it’s almost always some unknown mix of synthetic drugs that may or may not kill you. So really, if you’re looking to have a good time at the club, you’re better off not taking pharmacological recommendations from Tyga.

Of course, I’m sure the Pistons, Lakers, and NBA will be looking into this. And I’m sure we’ll hear Jennings was just offering his friend an aspirin.

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