The WWE Mocked Lance Stephenson and the Pacers Last Night (Video)

Damien Sandow

When the WWE is making fun of you, it’s really time to re-evaluate what you’re doing.

Such was the case in Indianapolis last night during the latest edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, when known bad guy Damien Sandow tormented the crowd, many of whom were still smarting from a Pacers loss to the Heat just a few days earlier.

During the bit, Sandow adopted the persona of Lance Stephenson, which is to say he wore a Lance Stephenson jersey and referred to himself in the first person as “Lance Stephenson.” Not exactly method acting.

Take a look at the video here:

The most interesting thing here is actually how much Sandow looks like a Dothraki from Game of Thrones, but that’s really neither here nor there. Let’s continue…

True to WWE form, the bit goes on for waaaaaay too long, and sort of just ambles around after the point is made in the first thirty seconds. But the fans keep paying, because they like the abuse.

If he really wanted to get to the Indianapolis crowd, he should have laid into them for picking Jeff George at #1 a few decades ago in the NFL draft. Now THAT was embarrassing.


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