Bartolo Colon Crushes Ball 150 Feet Foul, But His Teammates Were Impressed (GIFs)

colon crushes foul ball

New York Mets starting pitcher Bartolo Colon has made 422 appearances in his 16-year Major League career. However, only 38 of those have been with National League teams, so he really has not had much practice with the bat.

That in and of itself would be enough to make just about anybody a pretty terrible hitter. And Colon certainly is that. However, he isn’t just a terrible hitter. He’s also 41-years-old and fat. So Bartolo’s plate appearances aren’t hard to watch. They’re hilarious.

Usually it’s just because he swings so hard that his helmet falls off:

However, sometimes it’s because he puts the ball in play and carries the bat halfway up the first base line:

Does Colon have any hits in his career? Sure he does. He’s got 10, in fact. But none of them have come this season, his career average is just .086, and he doesn’t have a single extra base hit.

For all those reasons, Colon’s Mets teammates immediately jumped to their feet on Sunday night when Colon crushed a ball into the upper deck at Citizen’s Bank Park on Sunday. Sure, it was 150 feet foul, but it was still the farthest ball the guy had ever hit:

So his teammates were pretty excited:

Honestly, you should probably download MLB’s At Bat app and set up an alert for every time Colon comes to the plate this year. When (okay, if) he finally gets a hit, the celebration is going to be insane. You won’t want to miss it.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]


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