Ohio Bar Sign Tells Johnny Manziel To Stick It Because ‘This Is Hoyer Country’ (Photo)

Hoyer country

I’m not sure what exactly the geographical bounds of “Hoyer country” are, but I’m guessing it’s smaller than Luxembourg and the Vatican.  Either way, it would appear that not everyone is on the Johnny Manziel bandwagon.

Well, obviously, there are millions of people who hate Manziel, but now it seems there are Browns fans who hate him, too—or at least they dislike him more than they dislike current starter-by-default Brian Hoyer.

I can understand not buying the hype behind Manziel, but there’s a big logical and emotional leap between thinking that Manziel should earn the starting spot and calling some arbitrary geography around a bar “Hoyer Country.”

Here’s the dumb sign:

Some other fun facts about “Hoyer country”:

  • Its national bird is Toucan Sam
  • It’s population varies between 5,000 and 0, depending on the type of game he’s had
  • Hoyer country was briefly annexed by Mexico for four months. When they gave it back they admitted it was a mistake, calling it a terrible place
  • Hoyer country has put in nine unsuccessful bids to host a World Cup
  • Stamper’s Grill Pub is considered by many to be the Spago of Hoyer country



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