Real Madrid Will Be Sporting Adorable Pink Uniforms Next Season (Photo)

real madrid pink kit

While all eyes on the planet are turning to Brazil for this summer’s World Cup in a week or so, Adidas thought now might be a good time to drop a bit of a surprise on not just Real Madrid supporters, but the soccer community at large by giving the Spanish powerhouse pink away jerseys.

Here’s a Tweet laying it out:

If the comments on a Tweet are at all true (a wildly dangerous assumption, I know), then the fate might be a little more certain than the headline lets on.

Apparently, these have already been shipped out to retailers, and they ARE the next away jerseys—or “kits” if you’re European (or an insufferable North American). However, I’m sure if the backlash is enormous, and it threatens the club’s brand at large, there might be some reconsideration.

To be fair though, that Cristiano Ronaldo makes everything look good, so my guess is that everyone will get on board and that even Spanish businessmen will be wearing hot pink suits by this time next year.


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