Wrigley Scoreboard Operator Asleep on the Job Is Pretty Much the Most Cubs Thing Ever (Video)

cubs scoreboard operator asleep on job

The Chicago Cubs want us to believe things are going to be different. The Ricketts family bought the team in 2009. Since then they have hired former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein as team president, pursued major upgrades to the crumbling (but otherwise lovely) Wrigley Field, and committed to a major rebuild—all in hopes of ending the Billy Goat curse that has prevented the team from winning a World Series since 1908.

So far, though, the Cubs are still the Cubs—a team that plays defense like the three stooges, crumbles when they’re within a few outs of the pennant, blames it on a fan, and, on occasion, wears the wrong jersey out onto the field.

I’m not trying to be offensive to Cubs fans. I like you guys, and I don’t want you to live in agony forever. But I call it like I see it. And last night what I saw was a scoreboard operator at Wrigley Field who fell asleep during an especially boring Cubs-Mets game.

Take a look:

Sure, people are making fun of this guy for sleeping on the job. But honestly, can you blame him? I’d fall asleep too if my job was watching Cubs baseball. Give him a break.


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