Meet Abuelo Memo, the Uncle Drew of Soccer (Video)

abuelo memo (grandpa memo) soccer uncle drew

If you’re not familiar with Uncle Drew, he’s a fictional old man played by the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving who goes around schooling unsuspecting streetball whippersnappers in Pepsi MAX commercials. The commercials are supposed to make you think said streetball whippersnappers are totally shocked that this old man has game, but they’re obviously staged—which does not mean they are not still awesome.

In fact, they’re so awesome that a Spanish online retailer named Coppel has decided to totally rip them off and make a soccer version of Uncle Drew.

His name is Abuelo (Grandpa) Memo, and he’s played by world famous freestyle soccer player Sean Garnier. Just like the Pepsi commercials, this one is obviously staged. Old dudes don’t just walk onto a soccer court (is that what they call them? Soccer courts?) and get into a game. And pickup soccer games don’t just have audiences of 50 people.

But just like the Pepsi commercials, it’s still pretty awesome.

Take a look:

Like I said: totally awesome.

Nevertheless, what’s the over/under on Pepsi suing Coppel?

Hat Tip – [Sports Grid]


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