Alyssa Milano Has an L.A. Kings Shrine in Her House (Video)

alyssa milano shrine to los angeles kings

Everyone knows Alyssa Milano is the biggest celebrity sports groupie in Los Angeles. The woman is a bona fide sports nut. Any time the Kings or Dodgers play a big game, she is there. Year after year.

However, as you probably know, sports fanatics do not rest on their laurels. Most of them don’t even know what laurels are. Instead, they are constantly proving and re-proving their loyalty to their team.

And that brings us to Alyssa Milano’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night. She was probably there to talk about season two of her ABC show Mistresses, which debuted on Monday. However, Milano simply could not help steering to conversation toward her obsession with the Los Angeles Kings.

Turns out she’s not just a fan. She’s a bit of a whack job. Like, if anyone ever breaks into Dustin Brown‘s house and steals a lock of his hair, she’s probably the first person the cops are going to talk to.

Take a look:

Seriously, though, how creepy is that Gretzky pillow? I mean, it’s not as bad as the #99 tattooed on Paulina Gretzky’s hip, but I still wouldn’t want that in my house.

Hat Tip – [TSN]


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