Kings Bust Out Epic Pre-Game Intro for Game 1 of Stanley Cup Finals (Video)

los angeles kings stanley cup final intro

The media folks in the Los Angeles Kings organization know how to throw together good video montage. Get some old home movie footage of the players as adorable little tykes talking about playing hockey. Transition to footage of the team’s legendary run to the 2014 Finals. Add an epic ballad, cut to a few shots of the Stanley Cup, and voila!  Instant goosebumps!

That’s what Kings fans at the Staples Center (and people watching at home on CBC) were treated to just before the players took the ice for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night. Cute footage of little Drew Doughty talking about being a hockey player, set to the tune of “Dream On” by Aerosmith.

It definitely got the fans pumped up. Take a look:

Hell, I think I might be a Kings fan now.

Word to the Rangers: you better do something to top that when you get back to New York for Game 3.


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