This McDonald’s World Cup Commercial Has Trick-Shots Galore (Video)

World Cup Commerical

It’s safe to say that World Cup fever is in full swing.  It started with the soccer fans, then the sports fans, and now those big faceless corporations are coming around to that fact. McDonald’s is no exception, as they’re getting in on the action with what’s actually a pretty great commercial.

It’s long, at almost two minutes, but it’s essentially just a Brazilian-themed soccer trick shot compilation, and who doesn’t love those things? Sprinkle in some generic upbeat international music, some cute kids in bad neighborhoods, and we’re in business.

Here’s the video:

A few observations:

  • I would like an unrated director’s cut where we get to see up the dress of the girl on her back, juggling the soccer ball.
  • The kid that punts the ball above the overpass back onto the bed of the moving truck is amazing. The fact that he’s strapped to the truck with harnesses is totally lame and soooo McDonald’s. It would be cooler if he was on the couch just watching TV.
  • How long has that old man on the rascal been faking his disability? Are we just going to let that slide? I’m fine with that if you are. It’s not my tax dollars paying for him.
  • McDonald’s did a pretty good job of staying out of their own way in this one. Nice work, you soulless corporate behemoth.

My favorite thing about this commercial, though, is that it reinforces the awesome stereotype that Brazilians are always either in bathing suits or playing soccer. Most of the time, both.