NBA Draft Prospect Zach LaVine Impresses Scouts with Ridiculous 46-Inch Vertical (Pic) *UPDATE w/ Video*

zach lavine nba draft prospect insane vertical

Zach LaVine didn’t play all that much at UCLA.  As a freshman last season he averaged just 24.4 minutes, 9.4 points, 1.8 assists, and 2.5 rebounds per game. Then, over the last five games of the Bruins’ season—which included a run to the Sweet 16—he scored just 11 points total. So when he announced in March that he was declaring for the NBA draft, people thought he was crazy.

Now it’s june, though, and he is widely considered to be about the 18th best prospect in the 2014 NBA Draft.

What the hell happened? Well, for one thing, NBA teams are starting to get the idea that they don’t have to rely on the NCAA to develop players for them. That’s huge.

Also, it really helps that LaVine has tons of athletic potential—or maybe I should say inches.

He recently took part in a little pre-draft workout for the Lakers, and he impressed the hell out of everyone with his ridiculous 46-inch vertical.

zach lavine crazy vertical

Not just anybody can jump 3.8 feet in the air. This probably played a big role in his meteoric rise in draft projections, wouldn’t you think?


And now there’s footage of LaVine’s leap:

*End of Update”

Hat Tip – [Yahoo]


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