Stop What You’re Doing and Watch This Behind the Scenes Video of Alex Morgan’s SI Swimsuit Shoot RIGHT NOW (Video + GIF)

alex morgan sports illustrated swimsuit behind the scenes

I have yet to see a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit behind-the-scenes video that I do not love. They’re pretty much all amazing—especially the one with Kate Upton in nothing but a painted-on bikini.

That being said, this behind-the-scenes look at Alex Morgan‘s bikini shoot might just top them all.

What makes it so special? Well, there’s really no delicate way to put this, so I’ll just be blunt: it’s Alex Morgan’s butt. It is incredible. She knows it, and she flaunts it. A lot.

Take a look at the video. But be warned—it’s going to be pretty hard to get through the rest of your day after this.

Also, here’s a GIF for you to stare at for five straight minutes:

alex morgan ass shake dance

Okay, now snap out of it and get back to work!

Haha, yeah right. Just keep staring. We’ve got all day.


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