EA Sports Releases Incredible Photo of Madden 15 with Tattooed Colin Kaepernick

Madden 15 cover

Every year, the people at EA Sports look to add a little something more to their Madden Football video game series in an attempt to make the gameplay that much more realistic.

For Madden 13, they included various touchdown celebrations for individual players, like Victor Cruz‘s salsa dance and Tim Tebow‘s Tebowing.  Last year, for Madden 25, they introduced the “Run Free” mode, which allowed you to take the running game to a whole new level.

And this year, well, we’ll just show you the pic:

Colin Kaepernick Madden 15

You’re probably still wondering whether that photo is real or from a video game.

It’s from a video game.  Madden 15, to be exact.  And in case you didn’t notice because you were too busy asking yourself how a video game could look so real, the new addition to make this year’s version even more realistic than the last (in addition to the ridiculous graphics) is Colin Kaepernick‘s tattoos.

The game is set to be released on August 26th in North America (August 29th in Europe), and trailers are expected to start rolling out sometime this month.  So this probably won’t be the only new feature we hear about over the next couple of months.  We’ll keep you posted.


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