Apparently Some of the San Diego Chargers Have an Undercover Softball Team (Pics)

phillip rivers playing softball in mullet wig

Does that guy with the mullet and softball shorts look familiar to you at all? Does he maybe remind you of a very famous franchise quarterback for a Southern California NFL team? Like maybe, oh, I don’t know, Phillip Rivers?

Well, guess what. That’s because it is Phillip Rivers. It turns out that he and a few other members of the San Diego Chargers have themselves a little recreational softball team.

So what’s with Rivers’ mullet wig? Can’t say for sure. But it might be his attempt at a disguise. I’m pretty sure the Chargers frown on their million-dollar athletes risking injury to play beer league softball.

Unfortunately for Rivers and company, they were outed this week by Bolts from the Blue, who received a tip from a loyal Chargers fan who’s niece’s boyfriend played against them…and won! (Haha, pro athletes.)

Here’s the full shot of Rivers:

rivers fulls view

Here’s Chargers safety Eric Weddle playing third base, with Rivers in the background playing short:

eric weddle playing third base chargers

And here’s running back Danny Woodhead just standing around and looking like a total skeez:

woodhead batting chargers

Something tells me that, with these pics now all over the web, this softball team is going to need to find some guys to replace Rivers and company for next week’s game.


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