Johnny Baseball?: Johnny Manziel Drafted by San Diego Padres in 28th Round of MLB Draft

Johnny Manziel drafted by Padres

In an unusual move, the San Diego Padres chose none other than Johnny Manziel in the 28th round of the MLB draft.

Many are referring to the move as a publicity stunt, and since it seems exceedingly unlikely that Manziel will actually play for the team at any point (unless he quits his football career first), that seems to be exactly what it is.  Manziel didn’t even play baseball in college, although he has spoken about his love of the sport (you can read all about that here).

The selection is similar to the Texas Rangers drafting Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, who went as far as participating in training camp with the Rangers. Perhaps Manziel will do the same, particularly if he wants to live up to his new moniker:

This guy is racking up so many nicknames they’re going to have to start calling him Johnny Nickname. Whoops, I just gave him another one.


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