LeBron James Imitates Allen Iverson’s “Practice” Speech During Press Conference (Video)

LeBron Imitates Allen Iverson

LeBron James has been getting a hard time from a lot of people for dropping out of Game 1 on Thursday due to cramps, but during a press conference on Saturday, LeBron seemed to be in high spirits as he announced he’d be ready for Game 2 of the NBA Finals. The conference ended with a pretty funny homage to Allen Iverson‘s famous “practice” speech from 2002, with an assist from teammate Dwyane Wade.

Wade had the final question during LeBron’s conference, asking him, “Ready to go to practice so we can get better, bro?” That ended up being a perfect set-up for LeBron’s “practice? Not the game! You talking about practice?,” and everyone had a good laugh.

You can watch LeBron James doing his Allen Iverson impression from Saturday’s press conference below. And, just for reference (or for readers who are too young to remember something from 12 years ago), I’m including the original Iverson speech underneath that. Even if you remember it clearly, it holds up to repeat viewings.

Here’s LeBron:

And here’s Iverson, talking about practice:


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