John Oliver Tears Apart FIFA, Professes His Love For Soccer (Video)

John Oliver

John Oliver is British, which, if my stereotyping is at all on-point, means that he LOVES soccer—which, sure enough, he admits to in the below video. I mean, just look at the screen cap. He’s giddy. However, he’s also very, very, very wary of FIFA, an organization which, like the NCAA, is quickly turning into a supervillain in the world of athletics.

So it’s with this ambivalence over the 2014 World Cup that John Oliver discusses just how broken the system is, and the manymanymany issues surrounding the World Cup that have turned soccer-crazy Brazil off from the whole spectacle.

And the report also suggests that FIFA will be profiting from Brazil’s cash outlays, despite going around touting their “non-profit” status.

But don’t take it from me. Here’s the video. It’s 13 minutes, but both entertaining and informative. Definitely worth a look.

So if you needed another faceless organization to hate, here it is on a silver platter.


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