High School Sophomore Sensation Kwe Parker Throws Down a Monster Pre-Game Dunk (Video)

Kwe Parker

When you get saddled with a name like Kwe’Shaun (two capital letters), the universe might owe you a karmic debt. Fortunately, the universe was able to pay off that debt by giving this high school sophomore the ability to jump through the roof of most gyms. And it also granted him the wisdom to shorten his name to Kwe.


Here is Kwe Parker throwing down a dunk that made SportCenter’s play of the day, and will probably end up being high school basketball’s play of the year.

And to reiterate, this kid has two more full years before he graduates high school.

Take a look at Mr. Parker throwing down:

Just as great as the dunk itself are the predictable reactions from the fans. They start storming around and running away, then walking back just like the athletes do when David Blaine shows them a magic trick.

Perfect 10 for the dunk.

Perfect 10 for the crowd reactions.


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