Benches Clear After Orioles’ Manny Machado Throws His Bat at Oakland A’s Third Baseman (Video)

oakland baltimore bench clearing brawl

Most baseball brawls start when a pitcher throws at or hits a batter. However, the A’s and O’s required a little something extra to get off their duffs yesterday in Baltimore.

Oakland’s Fernando Abad threw at Baltimore’s Manny Machado twice in a row, but it wasn’t until Machado threw his bat at the Athletics’ third baseman that the benches cleared. And even then, there still wasn’t a brawl.

To understand the situation more fully, though, we have to go back to Friday night. Manny Machado didn’t like the jab-like tag applied by Oakland third baseman Josh Donaldson, so he spiked his helmet on the ground and confronted him—at which point the benches cleared.

Now fast-forward to Sunday. With Oakland up 10-0 with two down in the bottom of the eighth, Abad decided it was the perfect time to get back at Machado. So he threw at his knees on consecutive pitches. And then Machado threw his bat down the third base line, which led to another punchless bench-clearing situation.

As you probably heard, the Baltimore announcers thought Machado was trying to throw his bat at the pitcher. However, my theory is that he intended to throw at third base, having forgotten or not realizing that Josh Donaldson had been taken out of the game.

Either way, we should all keep an eye on Machado. He’s a feisty one.

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