Yankees Draft Kenny Powers Look-Alike in 14th Round (Pic)

sean carley - kenny powers look-alike drafted by yankees

It’s not often that a pitcher selected in the 14th round of the MLB draft makes the news. However, new Yankees prospect Sean Carley isn’t just any pitcher. He’s a right-hander out of the University of West Virginia that just so happens to bear a striking resemblance to the legendary Kenny Powers.

If by some chance you don’t know who Kenny F*cking Powers is, he’s a fictional baseball player portrayed by Danny McBride for the HBO series Eastbound and Down. He’s a cocky, lazy, fat, burned-out major league pitcher with an absolutely glorious mullet, and he’s kinda the best.

In recent years we’ve come across a number of Kenny Powers doppelgängers—from Latino Kenny Powers to Rob Ryan Kenny Powers. However, as far as we know, this is the first Kenny Powers doppelgänger to get drafted by a Major League Baseball team.

Of course, this resemblance is not a coincidence. Carley has carefully cultivated this Kenny Powers look, and he’s damn proud of it.

kenny powers doppelganger tweet

Unfortunately, the Yankees have pretty strict no-facial hair, no-mullet policies. So Carley is going to have to ditch the Kenny Powers look for a while.

However, according to Florida Today, Carley “guarantees” his Kenny Powers look will make a comeback some day. So that’s nice.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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