Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Know Where to Put His Hands While Kissing Olivia Munn (Photo)

Aaron Rodgers Kissing Olivia Munn

Ah yes, the age old question of where you’re supposed to put your hands while kissing Olivia Munn during a visit to the set of The Newsroom. I think we’ve all been there, and now it’s the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers‘ turn in the hot seat.  And let’s just say he’s got a little work to do before he gets the hang of it.

The photo, which you can see up at the top, was posted by TMZ on Monday morning (you can check out the article here). It confirms reports that the pair have been a couple, and also confirms rumors that Aaron Rodgers needs to practice his form. However, if Aaron Rodgers is planning on bowing to any Japanese emperors in the coming months, he’s completely set.

So congrats, Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn.  You’re apparently a couple now. Maybe if your relationship lasts through the summer, you’ll be able to actually touch each other while smooching.



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