Chris Bosh’s Game 2 Celebration Gets Inevitable ‘Jurassic Park’ Mash-Up (Video)

Chris Bosh Dinosaur Walk

The unwritten law of 2014 is that whenever anyone does anything even vaguely dinosaur-like, it gets spliced into the scene in Jurassic Park with Laura Dern gaping in awe at the brontosauruses (or whatever they were, my dinosaur phase was about 20 years ago).  And so it is with Chris Bosh‘s weird t-rex walk at the end of the Heat’s Game 2 victory over the Spurs on Sunday night.

It happened after an assist from Bosh led to the Miami Heat’s final basket of the game by Dwyane Wade, and a 98-96 victory over the San Antonio Spurs.  The basket tied the series up, and perhaps more importantly, it added Bosh’s name to the list of people to get mashed up into a Jurassic Park video on Vine. Of course, this wasn’t the first time Chris Bosh has been compared to a dinosaur.

This Jurassic Park x Chris Bosh mash-up comes courtesy of SB Nation, whose Vine account you can take a look at right here. The video in question can be seen below.

Hold onto your butts:




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