Cristiano Ronaldo Throws a Football Like You Would Expect at the Jets Practice Facility (Video)


Uh, Cristiano Ronaldo? All you other Portuguese gentlemen? I know you’re having a very nice time at the New York Jets training facility, but it’s about that time. Time for the 2014 World Cup. Let’s go, fellas.

Why Portugal’s soccer team was training at a football facility in New Jersey is anyone’s guess. Maybe they’re finding their way to Brazil on the installment plan. Who knows. But they were there, and while they were, they practiced, and Cristiano Ronaldo—perhaps confused by Adriana Lima‘s commercial—started tossing around the ole’ pigskin.

And he sucks. Not so bad that you’re like, “well, he’s clearly never even SEEN a football before.”  But bad enough that you’re like, “he’s done this a few times, but he’s still terrible.”

Fortunately, he is a pretty good soccer player, so he’s got a sport to fall back on. And probably a baker’s dozen supermodels to fall back on as well.


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