CBC Puts Together Awesome Montage of Darryl Sutter’s Greatest Press Conferences (Video)

darryl sutter montage cbc los angeles kings stanley cup finals

The NBA Finals have Gregg Popovich. The Stanley Cup Finals have Darryl Sutter.

Both coaches are extremely successful, and both are known for their entertaining refusal to provide meaningful answers when giving interviews to members of the media. However, they each have their own unique style. Popovich is a bit more acerbic and a bit more playful. Sutter, meanwhile, is more terse and monotone, though he, too, will occasionally crack a knowing smile.

Of course, if you’re a regular reader, you know we’ve already chronicled Popovich extensively. Today, therefore, to balance things out, we have some Sutter for you.

The CBC put a fantastic montage of Sutter’s greatest hits together for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night. And, ironically, they ran it right before Sutter gave the most forthright interview of his life to Scott Oake.

Take a look:

I guess Coach Sutter is lightening up a little bit now that his team is on the verge of winning its second Stanley Cup in three years.


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