EA Sports Drops Mindblowing Gameplay Trailers for New Sports Games at E3 Gaming Conference (Videos)

ea sports nhl 15 gameplay trailer e3 2014

Late last year, Microsoft and Sony ushered in the next generation of gaming when they released Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, at the time of release, there were not many games available that made full use of those new consoles’ technical potential.

That is all changing now, though, and EA Sports is leading the way.

At the 2014 E3 gaming convention yesterday in Los Angeles, EA Sports unveiled major upgrades to their slate of sports sims that take full advantage of the new console capabilities. And, though I don’t normally say things like this, they’re going to blow you away.

First up, they talked about the highly anticipated EA Sports UFC, which features Bruce Lee as a playable character and comes out next week:

Next they moved to NHL 15, providing a gameplay (yes, real gameplay) trailer which suggests this will be the most stunning hockey video game of all-time:

After that they turned to golf. EA Sports may have dropped Tiger Woods as their title character this year, but apparently they used the money they didn’t spend on his name to ramp up development (the game now uses the famed Frostbite 3 gaming engine) and make this the most amazing golf game ever:

From there they touched on Madden 15, which looks amazing and will feature new camera angles and better defensive controls:

But of course, they saved the biggest, most timely gameplay trailer for last: FIFA 15. This year, the world’s best soccer game will feature “emotional intelligence,” meaning players will have memories—which would be creepy if it weren’t so awesome:

So the good news? All these games look amazing.

The bad? If you want them all you’re going to have to fork over $500 for a new console and another $350 for the games.

Start saving.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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