LA Kings Purchase Giant Video Billboard Ad Featuring Will Ferrell Just Blocks From MSG (Video)

Will Ferrell video billboard LA Kings MSG

Apparently someone thought the Los Angeles Kings needed all the help they could get during their Stanley Cup Final series against the New York Rangers. That’s because someone (reportedly from the Kings organization), put up a giant video billboard right outside the Rangers’ home turf at Madison Square Garden, starring world-renowned Kings fan Will Ferrell.

The video actually comes from a piece recorded by Ferrell to be shown at Kings games, and has been re-purposed in a subtitled version since video billboards in New York don’t have audio—good news for anyone near Madison Square Garden, whether they’re Kings fans or not.

The video has Ferrell getting progressively louder and more unhinged as he encourages Kings fans to “lose [their] minds.” Unfortunately for people who love the LA Kings and/or Will Ferrell, the billboard has been replaced with a new, significantly less interesting Rangers message:

But luckily for us, Will Ferrell’s LA Kings billboard was immortalized during a broadcast of the game, a clip of which you can check out below (with actual audio of Ferrell added in by CBC, just to “spice it up”).

Check it out:



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