Twitter Fail: Britney Spears Is a Huge Fan of the Los Edmonton Oiler Kings, Apparently (Pic)

britney spears huge hockey fan

With the Los Angeles Kings just one win away from hoisting their second Stanley Cup in three seasons, the greater Los Angles area—normally indifferent to hockey—is once again experiencing a sudden surge in the number of phoney celebrity Kings fans.

Don’t get me wrong, there are real celebrity Kings fans who have proved themselves over the years. Alyssa Milano and Will Ferrell definitely fit into that category. They are legit.

But Britney Spears? Not so much.

I don’t begrudge her for getting into hockey, because hockey is awesome. But her effort to look like an actual fan on Twitter is pretty laughable.

britney spears los angeles kings fan

That #ForeverAKing hashtag would have made sense if, in fact, the dude in the photo was wearing a Gretzky Kings jersey. But that is an Edmonton Oilers Jersey.

I guess I should just be impressed that Britney Spears knows who Wayne Gretzky is, and that he did at one point play for the Kings.

Then again, who am I kidding? Britney Spears does not run her own Twitter account. Somebody fire that intern!


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