Crazy Miami Heat Lady Still Making Ass of Self During 4th Quarter of Blowout Loss (Vine)

crazy miami heat lady

I know a lot of people hate Miami Heat fans, but I find them adorable. They just do not know what to do with themselves!

Last year they were the laughing stock of the sports world when a couple thousand of them left Game 6 of the NBA Finals too early. They were too pessimistic.

This year, one goofy Heat lady is the laughing stock of the sports world because she didn’t leave Game 3—or at least sit the hell down and shut up—soon enough. She was too optimistic. 

You see, unlike Game 6 last year, midway through Game 3 last night, there really was no hope for the Heat. San Antonio jumped out to a huge lead in the first quarter thanks to a historic first half shooting percentage. The Heat made an effort to get back into the game with a little run in the third and fourth quarters, but 10 points was as close as they would get in this 19-point blowout loss.

And even while they were trying to make a game of it, there was absolutely no cause for this:

That’s some embarrassing dancing under the best of circumstances, but in the midst of a blowout loss it’s especially hilarious.

Maybe the Heat should develop a smartphone app that can provide in-game instructions to their fans. Stand up! Sit down! Get mildly excited! Get very excited! Shut up! Stay! Go home!

This would be useful, no?


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