Jimmy Kimmel Sent Guillermo to NBA Finals Media Day (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 3.02.40 PM

When you’re as busy as Jimmy Kimmel is, you can’t be expected to make a personal appearance at every event you’re invited to. So you delegate. Possibly with a close associate, surrogate, or trusted confidant.  Or maybe just with a parking lot security guy you use for running gags on your show.

Kimmel chose the latter, sending Guillermo to San Antonio to go meet with the players and coaches in this year’s NBA Finals.

Here’s the video of his bumbling interviewer asking dumb questions and being a pain in everyone’s ass. It’s pretty funny, so take a look:

While the video is a little hit-or-miss (the part with Kawhi Leonard being pretty damn funny), Guillermo is a pretty funny guy.  And the fact that he does all this using lint brushes and hair curlers as microphones is pretty great.

Also, I think we’ve all wanted to shove a lollipop in Birdman’s face at one time or another.



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