Here’s a Really Terrible Rap Song About the Los Angeles Kings (Video)

la kings rap for da stanley cup

As someone who makes a living writing about sports, I never really look forward to June, when both the NHL and NBA wrap up their seasons. It leaves so very little to write about for July and August.

This year is different, though. For one thing I’ll have the World Cup to write about in June and July, which will be great. For another thing, if I have to write one more post about a painfully terrible sports rap inspired by the NBA or NHL playoffs, I might have to blow my brains out.

The one I have for you today is about the Los Angeles Kings, who of course are up 3-0 on the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup Finals. It’s by a woman named Alexandra Case, who has over five other really terrible rap parody videos to her credit.

Suffice it to say, if the Rangers manage to stave off elimination tonight in Game 4 and the series returns to Los Angeles, they’re not going to be playing this on the Staples Center scoreboard prior to Game 5.

Anyway, here is the video. If you stick with it all the way to the end, you get a sweet line about athletes in other sports playing with their balls, which is the only good thing about it.

Seriously, world, can’t we all just agree to stop making up songs about our sports teams?

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]


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