Roy Jones Jr. Flexes Naked in Sext Message He Sent to Female Boxer (Photos)

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 2.47.04 PM

It appears that Roy Jones Jr. might be going for the title of “pound-for-pound, the greatest sexter in the world” with this recent pic.

He had apparently been sending these pics to a female boxer named Stacy Reile. Stacy doesn’t seem to be buying what Jones is selling, as she’s been talking smack about him on her Instagram account, and now it seems these pics have “mysteriously” made their way online.

I know it’s really unlikely, if only because it’s a weird way to pull women, but it really, really looks like he’s also doing a Forest Whitaker impression with his face.

And yes, we cut off the picture there strategically. It keeps going, but you’ll have to go to another website (like here) to get your jollies in that department. Roy Jones is a boxer to us, not an object.

OH!!  Before I forget!  Here’s a picture of Stacy Reile, the recipient. I think they’d be very happy together.


Aside from those comments, not much more to report, other than it looks like his right bicep is very, very malformed, and that showerhead looks pretty low.


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