Twitter Ups Its Hashtag Game for 2014 FIFA World Cup with New ‘Hashflags’

world cup hashflags

In case you didn’t quite realize just how big a deal the 2014 FIFA World Cup is, take a look at how Twitter is gearing up for it. They’ve created a World Cup advertising campaign seeking to capitalize on the intense interest in the event, while also adding some interesting new World Cup features.

What kinds of features? Well, for starters, you can now customize your Twitter profile with custom World Cup team themes. And by searching for or clicking on the hashtags #WorldCup and #WorldCup2014 you can get a World Cup timeline or even a specific match timeline.

However, the biggest tweak (or should I say “tweek”) is the return of the “hashflags” introduced back in 2010. For the duration of the World Cup, when you reference your favorite team(s) with a specific three-letter hashtag, that country’s flag will appear in your tweet.

Here’s a complete list with every team in the World Cup. They won’t show up in embedded tweets, though, so a screen shot will have to do:


And here is Twitter’s new World Cup commercial that seeks to lure users with promise of an enhanced fan experience:

So what do you think? Will you be using Twitter to keep up with the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Hat Tip – [Twitter]


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