Celebrity Soccer Fans Support USMNT in ESPN’s “I Believe” Commercial (Video)

ESPN I Believe Ad

Soccer remains a little bit of a niche sport here in the United States, but a new ESPN commercial in support of the United States men’s national soccer team shows that it has lots of famous American fans. The commercial is called “I Believe,” and it’s a product of the team’s unofficial support group, the American Outlaws.

The “I Believe” ad features stars like Jon Hamm, Whoopi Goldberg, Ice Cube, and several more, all of whom participate in the “I Believe” chant from USMNT matches.

By now you’re probably so excited to watch this commercial you can’t stand it, and you can do so by checking out the video below. If, after that, you’re not at least a little bit pumped about the World Cup starting this week, I’d consult with a doctor because you might be clinically dead.

Here’s the video:



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