Incredible Animation Recreates Some of the Greatest Goals in World Cup History (Video)

great world cup goals animation

One of the biggest criticisms you’ll hear non-soccer fans make about the sport is that there aren’t enough goals. And they’ve got a point, really. Goals are exciting, and in high-level soccer you generally don’t see many of them.

That being said, the scarcity of goals makes you appreciate them even more. And when a particularly amazing goal is scored, it’s not just a good play. It’s almost a work of art.

I bring this up because, as you probably know, the 2014 World Cup is starting today in Brazil. And to celebrate the occasion, British artist and filmmaker Richard Swarbrick decided to celebrate by creating a stunning animation of some of the most beautiful and most famous goals in World Cup history.

Take a look, and see how many you recognize. I’ll put the entire lineup down below.

That is why they call this “the beautiful game.”

And as promised, just in case you want to head on over to the You Tubez and watch the actual goals for yourself, here’s the complete setlist:

1. Roberto Baggio vs. Czechoslovakia (1990)
2. Maradona vs. England (1986 Quarterfinals)
3. Jurgen Klinsmann vs. South Korea (1994)
4. Michael Owen vs. Argentina (1998 Round of 16)
5. Fernando Torres vs. Ukraine (2006)
6. Dennis Bergkamp vs. Argentina (1998 Quarterfinals)
7. Zico vs. New Zealand (1982)
8. Carlos Alberto vs. Italy (1970 Finals)

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]


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