Japanese Soccer Team Flies to Brazil on ‘Pokemon’ Plane *UPDATE*

Japanese Soccer Team Pokemon Plane

The Japanese national soccer teamwas apparently uninterested in breaking down Japanese stereotypes on their way to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. That’s because their team plane was decked out with a Pokemon paint job, featuring characters like Pikachu, and, uh (I never got into Pokemon as a kid, so forgive me), Happy Bear, Winking Cat Thing, and more.

Why did the Japanese soccer team decide to do this? I can think of only one reason: To get the attention of everyone on the internet.

I, for one, am happy to oblige them. And so was the official 2014 FIFA World Cup Twitter account, which posted a photo of the plane on Wednesday morning:

Hopefully for the teams who will be competing against Japan in the World Cup, this isn’t some kind of sign that the Japanese soccer team will be hitting the field with Pokemon-like superpowers. That wouldn’t be very sporting.


We’ve been had!  It was all a hoax! The Japanese national soccer team arrived on a perfectly normal plane!

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