Jenny Dell Signs On To Be a Sideline Reporter for ‘NFL on CBS’ (Photos)

Jenny Dell

Jenny Dell had a good run at NESN, but when she left, it was pretty clear she was in search of greener pastures. And after having fielded a number of offers, both during her time with the Boston-area sports network and since leaving them, she has found a home on CBS. More specifically, she’ll be a sideline reporter for the NFL on CBS this coming season.

Here’s her official announcement:

Dell was on the outs with NESN since January, when it became official that she was dating the Red Sox’ Will Middlebrooks, creating a possible conflict of interest as a Sox reporter. Also, she was suspected of entertaining other offers from networks, which didn’t endear her to management.

Well, all that’s over now, and we can expect to see her on Sundays nation-wide.

In the meantime, here are some images of Jenny Dell to hold you over until football season:




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