Jim Harbaugh’s Wife Makes Fun of His Pleated Khakis in New Dockers Commercial (Video)

sarah harbaugh dockers commercial dad pants

As you probably know, San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has a thing for khakis. And not just any khakis, either. Though he’s an incredibly successful and wealthy man, for whatever reason, the only pants Harbaugh will wear are pleated $10 khakis from Wal-Mart. They look ridiculous, but somewhere along the line he apparently decided that would be his thing.

Or, maybe his plan all along was to become known for his khakis and then sign an endorsement deal with Dockers. Because that’s what he has now–an endorsement deal with Dockers.

In a new commercial released just in time for Father’s Day, Harbaugh’s hot wife, Sarah Harbaugh, makes a heartfelt appeal to the general public to stop what she calls “Dad pants.” It is absolutely brilliant.

Take a look:

Of course, while the Dockers look super hip on the torso-less models, Harbaugh manages to make them look pretty uncool. Still, they’re way better than the Wal-Mart khakis, and I bet tons of dads out there are going to be getting some new pants on Sunday…even though they specifically asked for that bottle of 12-year-old Scotch.


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