Paralyzed Teen Kicks Out First Ball at World Cup Using New Technology (Video + GIF)

Paralyzed teen first kick world cup brazil

With such a big stage, and so much spectacle expected, it’s no surprise that even something as seemingly mundane as kicking out the first ball at the World Cup has turned into a stage for technological development. And if they can warm people’s hearts while they’re at it, all the better.

A paralyzed teenager was provided a very high-tech looking suit that allowed him to give the ball an ever-so-slight kick. Not that impressive in and of itself, but when you realize that the suit he donned was allowing him to WALK for the first time since his paralysis, it becomes a much bigger deal.

Here’s our earlier piece on the suit at the World Cup.

And here’s the GIF of the kick from the ceremony prior to the World Cup opener between Brazil and Croatia:

It looks like James Cameron’s Avatar wasn’t so far ahead of its time.

For more background on this, admittedly, big development, take a look at this video which explains how Colorado State put this thing together:



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