Rickie Fowler Pays Tribute to Payne Stewart by Wearing Ridiculously Awesome Golf Outfit (Tweet + Photo)

Rickie Fowler pays tribute to Payne Stewart

Payne Stewart will always be remembered for his flamboyant golf outfits, with his duffers cap and knickers. Of course, he was by all accounts an amazing golfer and exemplary sportsman, but no one could outshine those clothes.

So to pay tribute to the golfer who died almost 15 years ago in a mysterious plane crash, Rickie Fowler decided to play dress-up for the opening round of the U.S. Open at Pinehurst—Stewart tore that place a new one in 1999, winning what would turn out to be his last major there.

There it is, at the top and bottom of this page, in all of its portrait-oriented glory. And here’s his Tweet that got everyone warmed up, lest we all die of shock upon first glance:

He pulls it off. He really does. Even if it looks like he’s sponsored by the Miami Dolphins. Let’s hope that those billow-y clothes don’t have an adverse impact on Fowler’s game.

Rickie Fowler in Payne Stewart clothes



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