Ronaldinho Lookalike Crashes Argentina’s World Cup Training Session (Video)

Ronaldinho Lookalike Bows to Lionel Messi

Ronaldinho won’t be seen at this year’s World Cup, but someone who looks just like him might be.

The latest Ronaldinho clone was seen on Wednesday at an Argentina training session in Belo Horizonte, which he was somehow able to sneak into.

It’s not known if the Ronaldinho doppelganger used his famous face to get past security, or if it was just some combination of good luck and self-confidence that did the trick. But we do know what the guy did once he got in—he took the shortest route to Lionel Messi and bowed down before him. That’s a true mark of respect, even if the guy is an impostor.

You can see the whole thing go down in the video below. Possibly of interest is the fact that the security guys seem serious about getting him off the field, while the players on the team (including Messi) seem pretty excited to see him.

Check it out:

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