Steeplechase Fail: Frontrunner Trips on Last Barrier, Falls on Face, Finishes Second (GIFs)

steeplechase fail

If I just showed you the GIF of this high school steeplechase runner tripping on a barrier and falling face-first onto the track, that would be pretty entertaining. But it gets more entertaining when you know the context.

You see, this wasn’t just any 3,000-meter steeplechase. It was for the New York state championship.

And the guy who tripped, Corning High School’s John McCarthy, wasn’t just any runner. Fifty meters behind at the start of the last lap, he had just taken over the lead.

And the barrier over which McCarthy tripped wasn’t just any barrier. It was the last barrier, 20 meters before the finish line.

So now take a look at the depressing, heartbreaking GIFs:

steeplechase fail high school state finals

steeplechase fail

A remarkable comeback spoiled by the tip of a toe? You could forgive McCarthy if he felt a little bitter afterward. However, he actually managed to keep things in perspective.

“I feel like I’m living a cliché, actually—to stumble on the final hurdle,” he told the Schreveport Times.

“Well, I ran a good 2,990 meters.”

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