The 9 Biggest Sponsors of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

biggest sponsors fifa world cup 2014

As anyone with a pulse would know, it’s World Cup soccer time. And when there’s a global event this big, there’s bound to be sponsors. So many huge international sponsors. As big a tournament as this is for the players, it’s probably equally big for a collection of marketing departments for the below companies.

Now, any time that buys a patch on a jersey, a cooler on a sideline, or a TV commercial is technically a “sponsor,” and we wanted to keep this list to under a thousand entries, so what we did is break the list down to two parts. The first part, numbers 9-7, are the bigger of the “World Cup Sponsors,” who are paying to participate in this event specifically. No small potatoes, but nothing compared to 6-1. Those are “FIFA Sponsors.” They follow FIFA anywhere they go, and are the biggest sponsors of the tournament.

In what has to be a disappointment to these sponsors, political unrest, and a general dissatisfaction with the World Cup in Brazil has forced some sponsors to tone down their branding message, which essentially means they’re paying the same amount of money for a less direct communication with the audience. Bad for the companies, good for viewers who are tired of being hit in the head with messaging.

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