Watch Brazilians React to Their Team’s First World Cup Goal

brazilians react to first world cup goal

Newsflash: the World Cup is kind of a big deal in Brazil.

Sure, some people are not happy that their country is hosting the world’s biggest sporting event, and they are making their feelings known. However, at the end of the day, even the tournament’s biggest opponents are probably going to watch the games and root for the home team to win its sixth championship. Because, politics aside, in Brazil soccer is as much a part of life as breathing and sex.

For that reason, Brazilians everywhere were on pins and needles yesterday for 18 long, torturous minutes after an own-goal gave Croatia the lead in the World Cup opener. And for that reason, the celebration when Neymar tied the game at one goal a piece was pretty huge.

Want to see their reaction? Well, the New York Times put together a pretty awesome interactive video that shows Brazilians around the world reacting to the goal. It’s not something we can embed here, but if you’re a fan of sports—and I assume you are—you can check it out here.


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