Cristiano Ronaldo Left Practice with an Icepack on His Knee After Just 20 Minutes (Pic)

ronaldo crying in short shorts

No, this story isn’t about how superstar Cristiano Ronaldo apparently likes to practice in short shorts. (Though yes, that certainly is amusing.) It’s about his balky knee.

You see, Ronaldo has been dealing with tendinitis in his left knee for several weeks, which has left Portugal fans hyperventilating on the eve of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. However, just the other day he started the team’s final tune-up match and played over 60 minutes without incident, so it was looking like he was going to avoid catastrophe…until yesterday, when Ronaldo left the practice after just 20 minutes with an ice pack taped to his knee.

Check it out:

ronaldo tweet knee in icepack

Yep, that’s seriously bad news for Portugal fans. Without Ronaldo Portugal stands no chance. With Ronaldo, this team is capable of escaping the Group of Death and maybe even making a little run in the knockout phase. There are only two truly transcendent soccer players in the world, and this guy is one of them.

For the sake of soccer fans everywhere, let’s hope he doesn’t join the ranks of elite players who are not playing the World Cup.

Hat Tip – [The Score]