The Internet Had a Blast Photoshopping Fred’s World Cup Flop (Gallery)

fred photoshop

Sixty-nine minutes. That’s the amount of time it took for a flop to unfairly affect the outcome of a World Cup soccer game.

Just 69 minutes into the 2014 FIFA World Cup opener between Brazil and Croatia yesterday, Brazilian striker Fred fell to the ground when he felt a slight breeze on his back, drawing a penalty kick from referee Yuichi Nishimura which Neymar converted to put the home team ahead 2-1.

It would be nice if FIFA would do something to deter players from flopping, like, say, yellow cards after the fact, or just hand out one-game suspensions. But that’s never going to happen. So if we the fans want to see change, it’s up to us to mercilessly shame floppers.

Luckily, ESPN’s SportsNation is way ahead of me on this. Yesterday, after Fred’s infamous flop, they issued one of their #SNPhotoGame challenges to their followers on Twitter.

The results? The results were fan-freaking-tastic.

Take a look:

Well done, internet. Keep up the good work.


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